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About The Author

Justin is the owner of Cascade Sports Injury Prevention & Physical Therapy and has managed approximately 10,000 CrossFit patient visits in the past 4 years, including 9 CrossFit Games athletes, 16 CrossFit Regional athletes and 6 American Open Olympic Weightlifters; including one American Record holder.

Recent Posts

Recovery Strategies for CrossFit Open 16.4

By Justin Dudley | Fri, Mar 18

Earlier today we shared the Heroic Guide to 16.4. Now that you've hammered yourself right by giving that workout 100%, it's time to kick start the recovery process.

Tightness in the low back, shoulders, quads and a “jammed up” neck are common complaints we are having from our athletes, so we're going to focus our recovery session around those areas.

Take out your lacrosse ball and a barbell and let's get to loosening up those stuff joints so you can give 16.4 another go.

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Recovery Strategies for CrossFit Open 16.3

By Justin Dudley | Sat, Mar 12

16.3 is done and now you can focus on a few good days of training before you start worrying and guessing about 16.4.

But how do you make sure you recover effectively from this workout? What if you have to do 16.3 again on Monday?

The good news is that unlike 16.1, the recovery for 16.3 should be pretty quick from this light sprint workout which means you should be able to turn around and repeat this workout, or get back to training in a day without significant performance impairments.

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