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About The Author

Josh Sutchar is the co-founder and CXO of TrainHeroic. Before joining TrainHeroic, Josh doubled as a tax consultant and football coach. He is the 2nd of 5 children and has a passion for flag football, pick-up basketball, and reading (okay... listening to audiobooks is more accurate). When not training Heroic. Josh enjoys hanging with the fam, throwing the football, and laughing with his lady. He is passionate about realizing the vision that the TrainHeroic team has for the future of coaches and athletes around the globe.

Recent Posts

Have You Met Freddy Soft?

By Josh Sutchar | Mon, Mar 13

Coach Jack Harbaugh, father of head coach Jim Harbaugh, gathered our team two days into summer training camp.

Practice finally ended, the sun was hot, our bodies were beat up, and we were exhausted.

Coach Jack always spoke loudly, with confidence and with enthusiasm. We would quickly find out he always had something to teach our team. Sometimes small, yet other times not so small, Coach Jack would tell tales and teach lessons that would extend far beyond our lives as football players.

"Has anyone seen Frederick P Soft!?" Coach Jack began.

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The Top 3 TrainHeroic Features That You're Not Using

By Josh Sutchar | Tue, Nov 15

We built TrainHeroic based on the feedback and input of our coaches.

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5 Bulletproof Ways To Maximize Athlete Engagement In Your Weight Room

By Josh Sutchar | Wed, Sep 14

“Let’s just get 1% better today!” Coach Harbaugh would enthusiastically exclaim as our team lined up before practice.

We would line up 8 columns, each with 10 or so guys in a column. Coach Harbaugh used to make sure that the columns were straight lines, and that we looked pro right from the start. “It’s the little things gentlemen. I can tell if a team is disciplined by how straight their warmup lines are.”

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