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John Welbourn is the founder of CrossFit Football and Power Athlete. He's a 10-year NFL vet turned strength and conditioning expert.


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How Important Is The Aerobic System for Football Players?

By John Welbourn | Fri, Sep 16

Every muscle contraction in the body is the result of a molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). When the ATP is combined with water it splits apart and produces energy.  ATP is broken down during a muscle contraction into adenosine diphosphate (ADP). However, ATP must be replenished for work to continue so another chemical reaction adds phosphate back to ADP to make ATP.

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Should I Use The Olympic Lifts With My Athletes?

By John Welbourn | Tue, Sep 6

The benefits of Olympic weighting and its transfer to sport are well documented. Any time an athlete can perform a movement that allows them to move dynamically it is a huge plus. If you can add weight to that movement, things can get exciting very quickly.

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Athlete Readiness 101: How To Monitor The Central Nervous System

By John Welbourn | Mon, Aug 29

Regardless of the sport an athlete is training for, the possibility of training beyond their means via under-recovering or increased volume and intensity is almost guaranteed.

With this in mind many coaches and athletes are looking for ways to measure their daily training capacity so they can make adjustments to programs to optimize performance. The goal is always to maximize the return on investment and work smarter not just harder.

But this is easier said then done. How can a coach or athlete distinguish between emotion and physical readiness?

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Eating Healthy on a Budget

By John Welbourn | Fri, Apr 22

Editors Note: This post originally appeared at Power Athlete HQ. We've republished this article with their permission.

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Introducing Grindstone - The Power Athlete Program For Busy People

By John Welbourn | Fri, Jan 15

A few years ago I was approached by the CEO of a Fortune 500 company to design a program that he could follow based on Power Athlete principals to become the strongest and most fit CEO in America.

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The 3 Mistakes Coaches Make that Sabotage Athlete Performance

By John Welbourn | Thu, Jun 25

At some point in every coach’s career, they'll will have to deal with the proverbial beginner or what I refer to as the novice athlete. While many coaches look forward to dealing with these bright eyed young kids who stumble into the weight room with dreams of being the next JJ Watt or Madison Bumgarner, there are many that do not. These less than enthusiastic coaches, rather than bring a beginner athlete along slowly, just lump them in and hope for the best.

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