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About The Author

John Garrish is the Director of Athletic Development & Performance at North Broward Preparatory School in Coconut Creek, Florida, and the school’s Head Track and Field Coach. A graduate of Wagner College and the University of North Texas, he is certified through the NSCA as a CSCS and through USAW as a Level-1 Sports Performance Coach. In addition to his role at North Broward, John serves as the Director of Athletic Performance with the Florida Rugby Union’s High-Performance Program 7’s team and as a volunteer coach with Delray Beach Sports’ Exhibitors. Coach Garrish has spoken at state and national events and serves as the National High School Strength Coaches Association Regional Board Member for the Southeast.

Recent Posts

8 Landmine Exercises For Athletic Performance

By John Garrish | Thu, Dec 14

As high school strength and conditioning coaches, it’s essential for us to make great use of our time. But in a room that may have 8 to 10 young men or women at each work station (50-60 in total) and sessions ranging anywhere from 15 to 70 minutes long, sometimes that’s easier said than done.

To enhance session density and improve session quality in my programming, we use the many tools our room has to offer to keep our students moving. These tools include the more traditional barbells, racks, platforms, dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, PVC pipe, and more.

One of the less "conventional” tools we place a great emphasis on has gotten some recent well-deserved exploration: the landmine.

The ability to manipulate and master movements in all planes of movement makes the landmine perhaps the most efficient tool we have.

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