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About The Author

Jared Cohen is a mental/physical fitness performance coach. He believes that each client is the master of their own fate. He is driven to guide people to become better learners so that they can develop their own talent and discover their potential without limitation. As a coach, Jared strives to be the catalyst for those “aha” moments that go beyond any single modality. Specifically, he is passionate and curious about the learning process that supports skill transferability in all aspects of life. Jared’s journey into coaching fitness began in 2010 when he discovered CrossFit as a means to deal with some health problems. Since then, he has been incredibly active in the intersecting worlds of health, wellness, fitness, and performance psychology coaching: having completed his CrossFit L1, several CrossFit specialty workshops, SEALFIT/Kokoro camp, Jill Miller’s Yoga Tune Up trainings, FRC, Mobility WOD 102, Catalyst Athletics Olympic Weightlifting, RKC, MovNat, and Laird Hamilton’s XPT. Jared provides mental skills, strength and conditioning, and mobility coaching. He has his M.A. in Sport Psychology, and his MBA from John F. Kennedy University. He is also a certified Athlete Assessments consultant, which uses the DISC behavioral profiling assessment to help athletes, coaches, and sport managers develop more self-awareness of their behavioral preferences. Jared coaches at Oak Park Los Angeles (home of CrossFit Los Angeles and The Body of Knowledge podcast). He can also be found at his personal website cpbgrowth.com or at behindthepodiumpodcast.com of which he is the co-founder/co-host.


Recent Posts

Performance Psychology 2.0 (Part 2): Self-Regulation

By Jared Cohen | Wed, Apr 3

In last month’s post, we examined the need to start any elevation of your mental game with greater self-awareness. Once you’re more cognizant of your behavioral tendencies and how they either progress you toward or block you from achieving your goals, what’s next? Knowing how to better regulate yourself so you do more of the former and less of the latter, for your sake and the good of your athletes.

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Performance Psychology 2.0 (Part 1): Beginning Your Mindset Overhaul with Self-Awareness

By Jared Cohen | Wed, Mar 6

In the world of sports performance, when advancing the art of coaching, it’s all too tempting to become mired in the minutiae of physical training. After all, the most evident outcomes for our athletes are those that we can observe with the naked eye, and many of the results our athletes seek are tied to how they express their physicality. This means that, too often, training the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral aspects of one’s psychology gets shortchanged.

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