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About The Author

Jamie Bain is the Head of Strength & Conditioning at Rugby Renegade. He has nearly a decades experience working in professional rugby and is currently working in the Aviva Premiership with Gloucester Rugby. His goal at Rugby Renegade is to make elite S&C advice and training programs available to any player who wants to improve performance and dominate the opposition! #buildingmachines


Recent Posts

7 Common Off-Season Rugby Training Mistakes

By Jamie Bain | Mon, Oct 24

The off season is a crucial training period in a rugby player’s calendar: do it correctly and you'll be fitter, faster and more powerful than the competition. Do it incorrectly and you could find yourself in a world of hurt come the first few weeks of the season.

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11 Ways To Develop Explosive Speed and Power Without The Olympic Lifts

By Jamie Bain | Wed, Apr 27

At Rugby Renegade we love the Olympic lifts.

The Snatch and Clean & Jerk are great tools to develop power and explosive strength. They teach you to lift heavy loads explosively because, heck if you didn’t, you would miss the lift!

But the Olympic lifts aren’t for everyone and they do have limitations.

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