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About The Author

Herman's credentials include Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, and Athletic Republic Level 2. He is the President and owner of 3D Performance Training LLC where he has trained athletes in Major League Baseball, National Football League, PGA Tour, Major League Soccer, Association of Volleyball Professionals, participants in Olympic Track and Field, and Tri-athletes all around the world.


Recent Posts

3 Program Design Principles For The Multi-Sport Athlete

By Herman Demmink III | Fri, Mar 10

How do you train and prepare an athlete who doesn’t have a designated off-season? The multi-sport athlete is constantly changing from one sport to another. And odds are the metabolic demands are completely different in each season.

As a general rule - unless you have the genetics of Bo Jackson, Deon Sanders, or some other superstar - the number of multisport athletes significantly decreases from high school to college and professional levels. The typical multi-sport athlete will benefit most from a program that focuses primarily on fundamentals.

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Rest and Recovery 101: Sleeping Your Way To Better Gains

By Herman Demmink III | Thu, Feb 9

Recovery is simply defined as regaining a former or better state / condition. Most athletes fail to realize that running, lifting, hitting, and throwing all breaks down our tissue which requires a period of rest in order to recuperate. Of course it takes grueling workouts and countless hours of skill training to become a better-prepared athlete. However, it is what you do between training bouts that can make the real difference.

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