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About The Author

Drew is currently embedded with US Air Force Special Operations as a strength and conditioning specialist, a role he has filled for several years. Prior to his work within the tactical environment, he worked both stateside and overseas with a variety of international, Olympic, professional, university, and domestic programs. In addition to his full-time gig, Drew is also the founder of Guardian Athlete, an online coaching platform designed to facilitate the promotion of tactical training knowledge and programming philosophy to the masses. He enjoys soap carving, non-competitive eating, and anything not involving cardio.


Recent Posts

A Quick Primer on Using Rep Ranges vs. Percentages

By Drew Hammond, MS, CSCS | Wed, Mar 1

Anyone familiar with any sort of fitness programming has undoubtedly been exposed to the concept of percentage-based training. The idea is relatively simple: complete a certain number of reps for a certain number of sets at a certain percentage of a certain max.

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