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Colby Knepp is the man behind the Marketing at TrainHeroic. He's also a husband, CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, former rugby athlete and life-long learner. Colby is a big fan of a Moscow mules, ass-to-grass squats and Korean BBQ.


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Percentages Are Worthless: Planning Volume and Intensity For High School Athletes

By Colby Knepp | Fri, Jan 13

Do you use percentages to train your beginner level athletes? While it is certainly one way to get kids stronger, it might not be the best way to get it done. And because you're always looking for a better way to do things, we sought out a world class expert in the world of program design to help you combine the science of strength development with the art of real world coaching.

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Take The Stress Out Of The Test With Our New Testing, Standards, and Goal Setting Features

By Colby Knepp | Wed, Dec 28

As a coach, you get jacked for testing day.
It’s a big day in your gym, with athletes beating previous personal records and setting the bar even higher for next time. With that in mind, we’re proud to announce our latest update to the CoachHeroic platform that will make major improvements to your work flow on testing day.

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PR & Chill: Strongman and Stress Management w/ Logan Gelbrich

By Colby Knepp | Wed, Dec 14

Max effort day; for most athletes, it's a chance to howl at moon, crank up the tunes and test their physical limits (safely, of course). But far too often an athlete can place too big of an emphasis on beating previous maxes and actually end up under performing due to self induced stress.

In order to keep your athletes focused and squeeze out every last ounce of potential, it's your job as the coach to help them keep things in perspective.

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Plan Workouts Faster With Our Upgraded Calendar and Planning Tools

By Colby Knepp | Thu, Dec 8

Coach - over the past few months we've increased the size of our development team; that means you can look forward to loads of great new features coming your way. We strive to be a coach-centric platform and know that you'll love the improvements we made to your calendar and planning tools.

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Crush The Chaos: How To Maximize Efficiency and Safety Inside Your Weight Room

By Colby Knepp | Mon, Nov 14

Your weight room is a nightmare. Despite all your best efforts to get organized by printing workout logs, assigning kids to lifting groups, and nominating Senior leaders, the hour or so your team spends in the weight room can only be described in one word: chaos.

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How Strength Coach Brett Bartholomew Keeps A 10-Year NFL Vet Ready For Game Day

By Colby Knepp | Wed, Nov 9

GAME DAY! For us mere mortals, game day is a relaxing 24 hours filled with friends, laughter, buffalo wings, and hopefully a victory.

But for NFL athletes, game day represents the most important day of the week. An explosive, drama-filled couple of hours where they put their talents on display in hopes their team pulls out a victory (and they get to keep their jobs).

Much like our job performance depends on a few clearly defined metrics, a professional athlete is judged by how they perform on game day. Live up to the standard set by the coaches and they'll be coming back next week. Make a bone headed mistake and they may be looking for a new job on Monday morning.

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9 Top Strength Coaches Share Their Best Training, Coaching, and Business Lessons

By Colby Knepp | Wed, Nov 2

We live in a time where ideas flow freely and like-minded people can connect with ease. Today's blog post is one such resource to add to your coaching and training arsenal: a collaborative effort from nine of the world's top strength coaches to help you excel in your coaching, training, and business efforts.

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