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About The Author

Chris joins the TrainHeroic blog from his facility Assist Performance where he utilizes technology, hands on experience and proven techniques to enhance athletic performance. Chris is a regular contributor to many online publications including STACK.com and Breaking Muscle.


Recent Posts

The Best and Worst Parts of Owning a Gym

By Chris Costa | Mon, Sep 26

When I was asked if I wanted to tackle writing about the best and worst parts of owning a gym, I wasn’t sure who would be tackling who.

Should it be positive? Negative? Neutral?

Or should I just skip all of the politically correct bullspat and be honest? It’s definitely not the technical articles that give me a thrill, but sometimes technical is psychologically tedious.

There’s positive and negative to both sides of the fence. The fence being, working for yourself versus working for someone else. I’ll just drop the glass at half full.

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Be Ready For Game Day With This In-Season Training Tip

By Chris Costa | Mon, Sep 12

One question most athletes want an answer for is, “how should I train during my season?” While this article will be broad and general in scope there are some specifics that you should focus your attention toward when it comes to in-season training.

The last article I wrote provided an opportunity for you to learn something about regeneration. To take it a step further, your in-season training should have that exact focus: recovery / regeneration.

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Post Game Recovery: How To Get Back To 100% After a Tough Competition

By Chris Costa | Wed, Aug 31

Game Day! The best day of the week for athletes around the world. You're excited, anxious and ready to hit the field and put it all on the line for your team.

Regardless of the sport, the body and mind are taxed when put under the stressors of competition and game day.

You might be a triathlete, football player or golfer - when it comes to recovery, our bodies operate the same: the body needs rest or a return to homeostasis, fuel (food) and hydration, namely electrolyte replacement.

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