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About The Author

Chris Beardsley is the Director of Strength and Conditioning Research Limited, which provides evidence-based ongoing professional development and education for strength coaches, personal trainers and physiotherapists. You can follow the latest in Strength and Conditioning research through his Instagram.


Recent Posts

Improving Change of Direction: Here's What The Latest Research is Telling Us

By Chris Beardsley | Mon, Mar 20

Change of direction (COD) ability is a key component of agility. Biomechanics research can help us identify which factors lead to better COD performances.

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Here's What New Research Tells Us About Minimizing Hamstring Strains

By Chris Beardsley | Tue, Feb 21

Hamstring strains are one of the most common injuries in team sports, and they lead to substantial amounts of lost playing and training time. They are also very prone to recurrence. Once an athlete has suffered one hamstring strain, they are much more likely to be injured again.

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