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About The Author

Bill Parisi is a 1990 graduate of Iona College with a degree in Business Administration. He was selected as a two-time NCAA Division 1 Track & Field All American and 1988 United States Olympic Trails Qualifier in the Javelin Throw. Saddled with $50,000 dollars in student loan debt, Bill founded the Parisi Speed School in 1992 out of a $500 van. He has grown the Parisi Program to 100+ locations across the globe by helping club owners tap into the 7 billion dollar sports performance training market. His locations have collectively trained more than 650,000 youth athletes who continue to spread the company mission of developing a positive character in youth regardless of their athletic ability or economic status.


Recent Posts

The Fundamentals of Increasing Strength to Improve Speed

By Bill Parisi | Tue, Aug 14

There are three aspects of improving speed – running technique, muscle elasticity, and strength! The problem is many coaches and athletes aren’t optimizing their speed strength training with the right program design to reap the greatest benefits in speed and force production.

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