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About The Author

Andrew is a strength coach at the Underground Strength Gym in New Jersey, along with being the head coach of Silverback Strong team on TrainHeroic. Like many he started his journey in strength with football, playing both at the high school and the Division 1 level. After his endeavor in football he competed in powerlifting and other amateur strength competitions. He graduated from Montclair State University with a BS in Exercise Science and has his CSCS along with various other credentials including learning experience with many industry leaders.

Recent Posts

Why High School Athletes May Not Need To Learn The Olympic Lifts (And What To Do Instead)

By Andrew Wary | Mon, Jul 18

Due to the unique challenges that exist within the High School weightroom Olympic lifting is frequently not the best option for athletic development. Instead, the basics and tools such as the dynamic effort method should be used as a more effective and efficient choice.

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5 Ways To Use Kettlebells In Your Strength and Conditioning Program

By Andrew Wary | Thu, Mar 24

The barbell has and always will be king in strength and conditioning for football and other power sports, but that doesn’t mean it should be the ONLY tool that you have at your disposal when building your athletes.

Kettelbells are a safe, effective and versatile tool that should be a regular part of your coaching arsenal.

Here are five simple ways to add kettlebells into your strength and conditioning program today.

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