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About The Author

Adam Dawdy is a Product Manager at TrainHeroic. Before that, he coached in various settings, taught, and studied biomechanics and exercise physiology. Adam is a converted endurance athlete who enjoys the pursuit of strength.

Recent Posts

Analytics: Supercharge Your Coaching Senses

By Adam Dawdy | Mon, Mar 18

I remember playing this game as a kid where we’d all go around and say what superpower we’d want to have. I always had a hard time with this. Either the one I wanted had been “taken” or I didn’t know what to pick because I didn’t have any context. Shooting lasers from your eyes can be great in some circumstances, but not if you’re fighting giant spiders with mirrored armor. 

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Tech and the Fundamentals

By Adam Dawdy | Mon, Jul 23

On July 14th, TrainHeroic took part in the PLAE xLab at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. PLAE’s events are based on different themes. This one was focused on technology. Speakers from UCLA, Clemson, Rutgers, and the University of Oregon talked about their experiences with various pieces of tech - from force profiling to GPS.

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Building Motivation: Give Up Control, Get Better Results

By Adam Dawdy | Tue, May 29

You can lead a horse to water, but he might kill you if you try to make him drink.

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