2% Make It To The NFL: Here's How They Do It


Imagine the hardest job interview you've ever faced. Do you remember the levels of stress and anxiety that came along with it?

Sending out your resume, preparing for the interview, putting on the best version of yourself, and fielding a variety of tough questions from the interviewers. At times it can feel as if they are digging into your character with the precision of a paleontologist unearthing a woolly mammoth.

Suffice it to say, it's a stressful experience but can pay off in a huge way.

Now, take those same feelings and raise the stakes by a factor of a thousand. Add in countless hours of physical training, skill acquisition, multiple injuries, endless mental rehearsal, and a singular focus on achieving one goal: playing football in the NFL.


The Dream Emerges, But The Chances Are Slim

For most NFL hopefuls, the dream of suiting up on Sunday's starts in high school. This simple fact should make you consider, "What type of person knows exactly what they want to achieve when they are 16 years old?".

Think back to when you were 16. I couldn't decide whether to eat at Chipotle for the third time that week or to hit the Micky D's drive through, let alone decide what I wanted to achieve in 8 years time.

If you look at the numbers of how many athletes actually make it to the league, the achievement is even more amazing:

  • Over seventy-thousand athletes play NCAA football.
  • About fifteen-thousand of those are draft eligible.
  • Three-hundred and thirty get invited to the NFL Combine.
  • And two-hundred and fifty get drafted.

I'm no math major, but that works about to be about 1.6% of NCAA Football players who make it to the NFL. 

The lesson here is simple: expert level performance requires expert level practice.

Expert level practice can only be delivered by a coach who's been around the block a time or two and follows a proven framework for achieving mastery.

And if the stakes are high for the athlete, what does it feel like to be the man in charge of preparing them for the biggest job interview of their life?

Deliberate Practice: The Ultimate Goal Achievement Framework

Deliberate Practice is a framework for coaching centered around purpose and accountability that delivers consistent and accelerated results.

To quote TrainHeroic CEO Ben Crookston, "The Deliberate Practice model we ascribe to is an approach to daily talent development that John Wooden perfected to earn the title “Best Coach of All Time,” Steph Curry leveraged to ascend from mid-round risk to consummate MVP, and history’s winningest team, the New Zealand All Blacks depend on to keep them at the top."

As an NFL Combine Prep specialist, you're taking the hopes and dreams of numerous young men on your shoulders. And along with that responsibility comes incredible levels of stress.

If he makes it - you just helped a young man achieve his wildest dreams and forever changed the trajectory of his life. Professionaly you get recognition, praise, affirmation in your efforts, and possibly a big paycheck.  

As a coach - your standards are high, process meticulous, and stopwatch unforgiving.

Using Deliberate Practice, Loren Landow and Dave Spitz are prepared to help their athletes obtain their goal of playing for the league.

Here's how they do it:  

About The Author

Colby Knepp is the man behind the Marketing at TrainHeroic. He's also a husband, father, strength coach, former rugby athlete and life-long learner. Colby is a big fan of a Moscow mules, ass-to-grass squats and Korean BBQ.