Post Game Recovery: How To Get Back To 100% After a Tough Competition

By Chris Costa | Wed, Aug 31

Game Day! The best day of the week for athletes around the world. You're excited, anxious and ready to hit the field and put it all on the line for your team.

Regardless of the sport, the body and mind are taxed when put under the stressors of competition and game day.

You might be a triathlete, football player or golfer - when it comes to recovery, our bodies operate the same: the body needs rest or a return to homeostasis, fuel (food) and hydration, namely electrolyte replacement.

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Athlete Readiness 101: How To Monitor The Central Nervous System

By John Welbourn | Mon, Aug 29

Regardless of the sport an athlete is training for, the possibility of training beyond their means via under-recovering or increased volume and intensity is almost guaranteed.

With this in mind many coaches and athletes are looking for ways to measure their daily training capacity so they can make adjustments to programs to optimize performance. The goal is always to maximize the return on investment and work smarter not just harder.

But this is easier said then done. How can a coach or athlete distinguish between emotion and physical readiness?

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The Downfall of Gumby: What Is Hypermobility And How Do I Fix It?

By Robert Wilson | Thu, Aug 25

Everyone these days is on and on about mobility.  As they should be: having full range of motion and healthy soft tissues is an important component of performance and most people are missing critical ranges of motion that contribute to loss of performance and long term dysfunction.

But increasing range of motion is only part of the picture.  

On the other end of the spectrum we have hypermobility.  Literally, too much range of motion.

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If You're Not Early, You're Late: An Open Letter To The Chronically Late Athlete

By Dr. Chris Holder | Wed, Aug 24

I have spent my entire life involved in athletics.

Between my own playing days and now in my coaching life, I have spent over 30 years being directly involved in some capacity with a team.

What I am about to tell you is not the opinion of some rigid coach; it’s a cold hard fact of life that you must grasp.

Being late is unacceptable. Period.

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Why Thousands of CrossFit Athletes From Around The World Are Gathering at Their Box on September 10th

By Colby Knepp | Tue, Aug 23

It all started back in 2013; Rich Froning had won his third CrossFit Games, Thrift Shop was the #1 song and The Wolf of Wall Street had the world asking "what the hell are quaaludes and why would I want to do that to my brain?"

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Threshold Theory and Athletic Development: When Is "Good Enough" Good Enough?

By Chris Gorres | Mon, Aug 22

Strength and power development is essential for all athletes in any sport. On the youth and and HS levels, the fastest and strongest athletes also tend to be the best players on the field.

However, on an elite level, there is a threshold when pushing strength limits actually becomes detrimental.

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Fail With Integrity: The Importance of Practicing Technical Precision

By Travis Jewett | Fri, Aug 19

There is an old saying that when under stress you will never rise to the occasion only fall to the level of your training, and I believe this is very true in the world of strength and conditioning. This is what makes the practice of technical precision of the lifts so important.

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4 Ways To Crush It On Social Media and Build Your Online Coaching Business

By Mike Dewar | Wed, Aug 17

Stop me if this story sounds familiar: when I started my journey to build an online fitness business, I had very little actual business, branding, and marketing experience.

Soon after, I quit my job at a corporate gym to pursue my own companies of J2FIT and TheBarbellCEO. To say the least, I quickly learned the importance of branding, social media marketing, and bootstrapping my business from the ground up.

Believe me when I say that social media has played a huge role in the growth of my companies, and it can do the same for you, but there is a right and a wrong way to go about your social media strategy.

Here's the correct way.

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How To Help Your Athletes See Immediate Improvements in Strength, Speed, or Power with the Matter Over Mind Protocol

By Karsten Jensen | Mon, Aug 15

Are you interested in learning a simple questioning technique that in many cases results in immediate improvements in performance?

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