The 4 Pillars of High School Basketball Strength and Conditioning

By Chris Tutela | Fri, Sep 30

You see a lot of basketball training “experts” out there with their athletes doing all types of fancy stuff. A lot of hopping around, balancing on one leg, juggling poodles in the middle of a busy intersection… you get the picture.

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3 Weight Room Challenges For Mental Toughness

By Bill DeLongis | Wed, Sep 28

In the field of strength and conditioning, new ideas and innovative programs are introduced daily. It seems like a full time job keeping up with all of the new ideas in the field. I have invested my time and energy into learning the best of the best and seeing what results they produce.

I am here today to share my 3 favorite challenge workouts that I have learned in 2016 from some of the brightest minds in the field.

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The Best and Worst Parts of Owning a Gym

By Chris Costa | Mon, Sep 26

When I was asked if I wanted to tackle writing about the best and worst parts of owning a gym, I wasn’t sure who would be tackling who.

Should it be positive? Negative? Neutral?

Or should I just skip all of the politically correct bullspat and be honest? It’s definitely not the technical articles that give me a thrill, but sometimes technical is psychologically tedious.

There’s positive and negative to both sides of the fence. The fence being, working for yourself versus working for someone else. I’ll just drop the glass at half full.

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How The CrossFit Community Raised Over $80,000 For Autism Research and Early Diagnosis

By Colby Knepp | Fri, Sep 23

As summer gave way to the gradual onset of cool air, pumpkin spice lattes, and football season, CrossFit athletes from around the world gathered at the their local box to #Give5Minutes and be awesome for autism.

The 2016 Lift Up Autism event, hosted by TrainHeroic, was a huge success by any measure.

Since it’s inception in 2013 Lift Up Autism has seen 20,071 athletes from 1,643 gyms in 46 countries. To date, the event has raised $215,552 for research, awareness and action, and has generated 22.4 million social media impressions.

2016 was no different, as CrossFit community came out in full force and this year's event raised $80,433 for research and early diagnosis of Autism.

After all the dust has settled, 626 gyms from 39 countries hosted 7,012 athletes in a whirlwind of sweat, hard work and sacrifice for the greater good.

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TRENDING: Lawyer and Parents Want To End Mandatory Weight Sessions at California High School

By Colby Knepp | Thu, Sep 22

Introducing The Rundown!

Each week we comb the internet for the most interesting and most impactful news and content in coaching, training and people being their best and bring it to the TrainHeroic blog.

Think of it as your assistant coach that updates you once a week only with stuff you care about and does a great job of making your life easier.

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The 9 Mental Skills of Successful Athletes

EDITORS NOTE: This post originally appeared on the Ohio Center for Sport Psychology website and has been reposted with permission from the author.

You don’t have to be a professional athlete or an Olympic champion to be a successful athlete. Nor do you have to have a room full of trophies, win a state championship, or make the front page of the sports section.

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3 Common In-Season Football Training Mistakes

By Lawrence Herrera | Mon, Sep 19

School is back in session and we are back on the field for football season!  Our athletes are back in our weight rooms and as coaches we believe our athletes could be in better shape and should have worked out more during the summer.  So what do we do? We make them work out hard and try to catch up for what they missed out during summer training.

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How Important Is The Aerobic System for Football Players?

By John Welbourn | Fri, Sep 16

Every muscle contraction in the body is the result of a molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). When the ATP is combined with water it splits apart and produces energy.  ATP is broken down during a muscle contraction into adenosine diphosphate (ADP). However, ATP must be replenished for work to continue so another chemical reaction adds phosphate back to ADP to make ATP.

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